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Recruiting PhD Student!

The Puritz Lab in the department of Biological Sciences at the University of Rhode Island is recruiting highly motivated applicants interested in pursuing a PhD in Marine Evolutionary Ecology starting in the Fall of 2018. Students will be expected to develop an independent dissertation research program that extends, compliments, or expands current research in the lab. Possible topics include: exome capture methods and bioinformatics for non-model organisms, comparative genomics of life-history change in sea stars, the evolutionary impacts of multiple anthropogenic stressors, and more!

The College of Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS) has a unified graduate program in Biological and Environmental Sciences that offers interdisciplinary, interdepartmental graduate degrees that involve faculty from multiple departments, including Biological Sciences; Cell and Molecular Biology; Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science; Geosciences; Natural Resources Science; Nutrition and Food Sciences; and Plant Sciences; as well as faculty from the Graduate School of Oceanography. Potential students will likely choose to specialize in Ecology and Ecosystems Sciences (EES) or Evolution and Marine Biology (EMB). Application material should be submitted by January 15, 2018 for full consideration.

At a minimum, applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences or a related discipline and have previous research experience. Preference will be given to applicants with strong interests in population genomics with both molecular laboratory experience and basic proficiency in bioinformatics.

Interested students should contact Jon Puritz directly ( to discuss research interests and their application. Before doing so, applicants are encouraged to read this excellent guide to writing an inquiry email.

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